October 25, 2016

Olive picking season is underway - The story of Olive oil

If one loves a good meal then it definitely needs to be prepared and served with plenty of olive oil. Korcula Island's olive oil is among the best in the world!

It is used extensively, not to say exclusively in typical local cuisine. The world over is familiar with the Spanish, Greek and Italian varieties, but the lesser known Croatian Olive Oil is as superior (if not better).

Nevertheless, all people of the Mediterranean have used olive oil for purposes of cooking, medicinal, cosmetics and even for terms of payment for millennia. Because of its preservative nature, the Croatians have used it to preserve fish and cheeses. The rich olive oil flavour is the seasoning of choice for all; roasting, grilling or marinating.

Producers of Korcula extra virgin olive oil focus on the highest quality and traditional methods to preserve the oil’s distinctively Croatian qualities. Why extra virgin olive oil?

Other than its delicious flavour, the beneficial health effects of olive oil are countless. To name a few, it is said that olive oil’s monounsaturated fatty acids act as an antioxidant, it protects against heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL) levels, and is also known to improve ulcers, gastritis and certain skin disorders. Researchers also suggest that olive oil protects against colon cancer. In sum, it’s good for you!

Korcula's extra virgin olive oil is made primarily from three olive varieties: Lastovka, Oblica and Drobnica. Local olive oil producers preserve superior olive oil characteristics by remaining true to the hand-picked, cold-pressed technique. Olive oil of Island Korcula has a complex nose, combining heart of artichoke, straw and dark chocolate bitterness, giving it a perfect balance. This beautiful extra virgin olive oil is best served with roasted vegetables, seafood, salads, and fresh cheeses or with grilled meats.

To your health (and taste buds)! Enjoy!!!

Posted by Davor