How to describe an island, your island, your own piece of nature, heaven, name it?!

Every island is obviously a land surrounded by the sea. Oh yes, the sea it is. All around... everywhere you go you eventually get to an end. That's the way we are used to live and think, some would say feel. You need to live on an island, stay on an island, a piece of land so beautiful and far away from it all... to know how exactly we appreciate our surroundings and the atmosphere so kindly borrowed to human kind, us, the islanders.

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We are so proud to present and by doing it get people over to visit and share the most beautiful of all islands- Korcula, or, Corcyra Nigra as it was called in the ancient times. It was so for its dark pine forests once clearly visible from the ships in the open seas. Colour black once marked and differed Korcula from all other islands on the sailing routes of the beautiful Adriatic.


Is it here that you can find the mildest of all climates in Europe, all year round? Yes! 274 sunny days per year. Can you imagine a stroll by the sea in November in short sleeves? Sure we can.


We pick olives in short sleeves throughout November when all locals get on with business, picking olives, producing one of the best olive oils in the entire world. We are so proud of it, yes, and we can even show you how it’s done. Every single one of us, from the age 2 to 102 knows how it’s done. Every family has an olive grove and it is essential, as the water is to you, to have a yearlong supply in the cellar.

Wine bottle

Apart from the olives, the wine it is... oh, the variety of wines to be exact, from east of the island to the west, light white wines of Lumbarda to dark red wines of Čara and Smokvica. You will have a chance to taste, worry not!

Did we mention what we do with those, oil and wines?

The cuisine of the island is very specific and yet, very typical. It is the lightest of versions of the Mediterranean cuisine that you can get in the cookbooks from your bookstore. Our ingredients come fresh and direct from the sea and from the gardens, guaranteed. Everything else is a secret! Shhhh!
The sea is the clearest in the Mediterranean. Proved! Korcula is located close to the open waters and its beaches have already won the awards for their best quality in the entire Adriatic. So, the beaches, bays and coves of the island, apart from being beautiful themselves, are washed by the clearest waters that you can imagine.


Don't forget one fact though... the island so beautiful is not just that, a place to enjoy just the sea and the sun... Korcula Island is one of the most important cultural and archaeological spots in the Mediterranean. The town of Korcula at the eastern most point of the island and the Vela Spila on the Western end will tell you the story of centuries of continuous living in organised society. Korcula statute is one of the oldest law documents in Europe. That's how seriously we mean it.

That's what has brought us here, today, to be one of the most developed and well organised islands in the Adriatic, offering all you can imagine in terms of infrastructure, accommodation for our dear friends and the openness to the trends and currents of the modern world. Houses and cottages built in the entire area are done with much care always taking into consideration the fact that we need to respect the nature and use the materials and styles of our fathers.

Korcula is and it will always be one of the most beautiful places that you will want to visit and once you do, you will most certainly fall in love with, we can almost guarantee that you will, as we know that once you get over you will most certainly return.

We love our island,
and so will you

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