There is a song written by a local poet singing about a girl who is to be reminded of the fond memories of a love affair from the past summer... Yes, people that understand the words like it or not, it is a little pathetic as all the love songs are, but it has a realy nice tune to it.

That is Vela Luka.

It was a fishermens settlement in times when you were better off living more inland and closer to the fields. Being close to the sea shore ment you were more exposed to the pirates or other kinds of invaders and the fields gave you food, wine and oil. So, in case you were a noughty child, you would get a piece of land closer to the sea from your folks.

That is Vela Luka.

The first villa rusticas built in this area were owned by richer families from the town of Korcula or Blato. People that basicaly inhabited these shores firsts were-poor peasants. Peasants needed to have a place to worship, so the church was built, in 1589. That is the proof of a first settlement, but, the more serious development happened much later. It is obvious from the forms and shapes of housing.
Modern Vela Luka is the town that grew around industry, shipbuilding and fishing it was.
Agriculture was and still is and important part of it as well.

Everything regarding Vela Luka to be honest is like in that song;

The living on the island is quite rough. You have to work hard, get what you can from the soil and the sea, olive oil and the wine, catch some fish and ta daa... there you have it, probably the healthies gastronomy in the world. People here in average live 5-10 years longer then on the continent. So, activity and good food – you can get it here. :) 
People here know how to love and make good memories. We told you, like in the song!

Let's get serious! The location of the town is almost perfect. The port is protected from most winds as it is cut into the deep gult. The port of Vela Luka is a great nautical point but a modern, lively tourist town spread on a very long coastline.

There are plenty of bars, shops, restaurants in the port, yet even more places to getaway from it all... in all these beautiful bays and coves across the nearby area.

You should be at the town center for a walk or a festival night to meet the customs and taste the moods and the foods of the locals, and then... escape into your escape that Vela Luka is all about.

Sun and the sea, all sorts of opportunities to hike or bike, fish or scuba, sailing, you can get it all here.

Do not forget to visit the island of Proizd, one of the hot spots we are tired of bragging about. Naah, we have to!  – Island of Proizd has one of the clearest waters in the Adriatic, Mediteranean, the world... it really does. You shoud see it your self!

Vela Luka honestly offers all you need if you are in search of a peaceful family vacation. It doesn't have any crazy nightlife, no crowds, no noise. Just mediterranean as it once was, with all modern in case you need it. Vela Luka is, in fact the biggest settlement on the island, easily accessible and yes, we are here, to give you all tips and help you might need.

An important fact we cannot forget to mention, and it's still not so well known as deserved – a nearby Cave, so called the Big Cave and in case you didn't know it It is one of the most important archeological sites in the Mediterranean. The location is just above the town via small pathways easily reachable while the exhibits are in the town's museum.

So, welcome to Vela Luka.

You will not forget it, as the song says!