June 7, 2017

Mysterious Big Cave above Vela Luka, history beyond known

Did you know? There is a cave on Korcula Island that is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the entire Europe!

The cave itself is a fantastic natural attraction, with limestone arches covering the oval surface of 40 meters in diameter, with few big openings in the ceiling.
The entrance faces south so it gives a phenomenal view over the bay and the surrounding fields.
The first exploring of the cave began in 1951. It was discovered that the cave offered a shelter and a refuge from the bed weather but also served as a place of habitation.
From the so far explored layers, the ceramic, stone and bone objects from the upper Palaeolithic have been discovered.
The ceramic figurines of the animals go back to 17.500 BC and display tradition of making ornamental ceramic objects. Such technique and style has been compared to the objects found on sites in the Czech Republic which date back to around 30000 BC.

Can you imagine?!
Why are these discoveries so significant? Before the discovery of the ceramic fragments in the Big Cave it was considered that the humans began working with the ceramic only by the time they abandoned the nomadic lifestyle, primarily to make ceramic pottery. This discovery gave a hint that the humans begun producing ceramic figurines long before it was considered!
Along with the many ceramic objects the two graves of children of the age 2-4 have been found in the Big Cave. The skeletons were found in the sideways position and the surrounding rocks placed around it offer a proof of grave architecture. These are not the only graves found in the cave.

During the excavations in the 1985.the skeletons of the two adults were found. They lived in the Upper Neolithic and were buried on the stone construction in the contorted position, with heads on the side. One of them held ceramic pots and around one of the sculls there was a raw of whelks.
The locals have named them 'Grandma' and 'Grandpa'.

Make sure you don’t miss to visit this place while on Korcula Island. 

Posted by Davor